In seguito a un trauma, si è spesso costretti a sottoporsi a sedute di fisiokinesiterapia in modo da curare e rinforzare muscoli e articolazioni.

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I would like to explain my vision of perfection and what Scientific Affairs @Perfetti Van Melle does in order to achieve it. My work in Scientific Affairs has an obvious link with Science and I am very happy and stimulated to use all the knowledge accumulated during my university years which was related to the very complex and very fascinating world of Human Nutrition.


The specific way Scientific Affairs tries to reach perfection is by supporting every single decision taken regarding new product developments with science regardless of whether it is a lollipop, chewing gum or gummy candy. Still, the possibility of getting closer and closer to perfection @Perfetti Van Melle would not be possible without many hundreds of multidisciplinary specialists working around the world and making their versatile contribution to reaching perfection in order to deliver our consumers with the most innovative confectionery possible.


If you ask me the question “why do I work in Perfetti Van Melle?” , my answer could be something along the lines of “because my way of working perfectly coincides with one of the core values of my company “the achievement of excellence”. These shared values make me feel part of this big multinational reality.